You have a pending payment!

Trebuia sã primesc niste euro prin paypalde la un client. Azi am primit mailul urmãtor:

Dear Octav,

This email confirms that XXX has sent $XXX USD to your account.
To accept this credit or debit card payment, you must upgrade to a Premier account.
To accept, log in to the PayPal website and click the Accept button next to this transaction.
Note: You can only accept up to 2 credit or prepaid card payments annually with a Personal account.
A Premier account allows you to accept credit or debit card payments for only 3.4% plus €0.35 EUR per transaction, plus you get these exclusive benefits:
– Let buyers pay you faster when you accept PayPal from your auction listings and automatically request payment from your buyers
– Receive our chargeback and seller protection at no additional cost
– Save time with our shipping, tracking and reporting tools

Ce sã fac, a trebuit sã fac upgrade la “Premier”… noroc de “beneficii”:

Premier accounts include all the benefits of a Personal account. You also have the ability to:
– Accept all payment types for low fees
– Set up your PayPal Shopping Cart
– Access exclusive, professional customer service seven days a week
– Be identified as a Premier account in your reputation pop-up box